Complaining of Coffee Roaster Smoke

coffee-beans.jpgI love the smell of a coffee roaster but it seems that the smoke was offensive to some in Maine. So Rock City Coffee Roasters is going to raise its smokestack.

ROCKLAND, Maine (AP) ā€” Neighborhood complaints about the odor emanating from a local gourmet coffee roaster have prompted its owner to come up with a plan to increase the height of his roastery’s smokestack.

The proposal by Patrick Reilley, co-owner of Rock City Coffee Roasters, was filed with the code enforcement office after the city cited the business for violating its odor ordinance, which could lead to heavy fines.

The rules barring foul odors are an outgrowth of the public outcry two decades ago when this city of 8,000 along Penobscot Bay was notorious for the stench from a waterfront plant that processed fish waste.

The closing of that plant set the stage for Rockland’s transformation from a down-at-the-heels factory town to a mecca for the arts and a magnet for tourists. AP


2 Responses

  1. We are a roaster in North Carolina,, and just installed what is probably the most eco-friendly roaster in the world (made by US Roaster Corp) to avoid exactly this problem. We have literally no emissions out the stack. This has been possible for years of course, but we do it without a fuel guzzling afterburner – our roaster consumes about 10% of the power of a traditional system. Nuisance smoke is becoming an issue in more and more places; our system makes us not only a good neighbor but a good global citizen. And it’s good business.

    • We have a roaster here in our neighbourhood and I am concerned whether the smoke is injurious to human health. Can u please clarify on this?



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