Red Barns of North Country

img_0892.jpgAt the tippy top of New York is my inspiration for my coffeehouse blog–North Country. Farms are everywhere and you can buy worms on Main Street. North Country has cities such as Potsdam, Canton and Brasher Falls. It’s beautiful.

While I was visiting last year, I heard a story about a men’s coffee klatch. They meet regularly for the local gossip inside of a barn.

There are many Amish people, vegetable stands alongside the road, and several colleges. There are no Starbucks, which makes it a great place for a coffeehouse.

It gets cold there, which keeps many people away from North Country. But you can get a lot of house and land. A 4 bedroom house plus land for less than $100,000.


CNN Poll on Starbucks

In case you haven’t heard, Starbucks is closing for training tonight.  
CNN asks: How will you survive the three-hour Starbucks closure?
Visit another coffee shop 9% 5086
Hide under my desk 8% 4626
I don’t go to Starbucks 83% 47400
Total Votes: 57112

Come on people, you go to Starbucks once in a while. Admit it. It’s okay. There’s room for the fantastic independent coffee shop as well as the giant McStarbucks. Even I, who hope to have a lovely little coffeeshop someday, go to Starbucks sometimes.

I like the idea that 4,626 people will hide under their desks.

Kiss Coffee

tn_anniv-band.jpgBeth I hear you calling But I can’t come home right now Me and the boys are playing And we just can’t find the sound….


Starbucks to Train and Free WiFi

espresso-shots.jpgStarbucks has answered the call. 

Employees are going to get some learning and free wifi is coming. Starbucks is always a good second choice.

The comprehensive educational curriculum for all U.S. store partners will provide a renewed focus on espresso standards that will help ensure the exceptional quality of every beverage. As a result, baristas will be better prepared to share their passion and knowledge with customers. Customers will be able to truly enjoy the art of espresso as Starbucks baristas demonstrate their passion to pull the perfect shot, steam milk to order, and customize their favorite beverage. starbucks

Coffeehouse Confession

KiteboardI’ll do that here regularly.

Okay. So I fancy myself a writer. I make a living at it anyway. But what I really want to do is finish writing a children’s book I started 2 or 3 years ago. Seems I get bent on doing other projects and never seem to get amped up on mine. What’s the deal?

I like the story a lot. Maybe I just don’t want to do the hard work. Nah. I think I’m stuck. I’m stuck in a sticky spot and I’m not quite sure how to get out of it. That means you can find me early in the morn in the local coffeeshop reading the newspaper, writing (about something else) and daydreaming.

I’ll figure it out, I suppose. Or I’ll go fly a kite.

This I Believe

BelieversHere’s a great coffeehouse writing exercise, This I believe. I’m a fan of the NPR series, which is now a book.

The most popular This I believe essays.

Coffeehouse: Good Location, Bad Coffee

bad-coffee.jpgWe have a brand new independently owned coffeehouse that opened nearby and it has a great outdoor patio and the ambiance is comfortable.

It was much needed because the other local coffeeshops are packed in the morning. But of the 4 times that I’ve been to this new shop, only once did I get a good cup of coffee. Do I tell?

Icky coffee is a deal breaker but I suppose I’ll give them a few weeks to ramp up and I’ll try once more.